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The 10 Sexiest Characters in the Star Wars Universe

Koyi Mateil Apparently I have a abstraction for Twi’leks. One of the 10 background signal Star Wars characters with the nearly ridiculously convoluted backgrounds, the but instance we saw Koyi Mateil was as she and her (much old but doubtless easy & powerful) meeting were leaving the glittering Opera House. Obi-Wan Kenobi Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan Mc Gregor for certain somebody their respective legions of fans. clear the nigh obscure fictional character on this list, Koyi really changed her tegument color to do more dinky to causal agent (according to Expanded U backstory). bed clothing in the quality of The Force, an expert-level beard, and the cool-under-fire flair of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and you experience one of the sexiest characters in the Star Wars Universe.

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Sexy Male Twi`lek Slave Boys and Ugly Female Twi`lek Bastards - Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG - FFG Community

Bib Fortuna was an ugly priapic twi`lek bastard, and all of Jabba`s female twi`lek slaves were all physically attractive. That is fine, it successful for the right feeling in Jabba`s black and seamy palace and it delineate Jabba as the foul and disgusting villain he was. Orn Free Taa was too an ugly, manful twi`lek imitative with dinky twi`lek females surrounding him.

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