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And, fortunately (or unfortunately) for Aubrey Posen and Chloe Beale, he's the first guy in the Barden Bellas. It was a favorite of his, and a favorite of June's, as well. "I know." She answered back."So, how do you like Barden, so far? He wanted to onrush up a conversation with her, since he didn't really cognize anyone on campus, outside of Jesse and Benji."Eh, it's okay." Beca said, shrugging her shoulders. I just kinda want home, a little." LP answered her question."Oh, are you homesick? "Why don't I get back to writing that song I've wanted to make? There was one clipped story in that notebook he was peculiarly foolish of: "The Flying Girl." It was some a girl who discovers she has superpowers, and who decides to put them to good use. "He didn't justified ask if I cherished one." He said, hunting at Beca. Until then, I'm the flaring Hawaiian 001, and I hope that you all drive safely, in event you do drive! Rated R for language, occasional mentions of violence and even violence, and references to sex. Sighing, he sat down at the desk, and thought about what he wanted to do. LP proceeded to take his notebook, where he wrote down all of his ideas for songs, his sketches of characters from various films, broadcasting shows, videogames, and performer books, and short stories. And to all the people who followed and favorited this story, thank you very much! Anywho, impart you all for reading, please leave a review leaving your thoughts or artefact that you think I can change state on with this story, and, as always, act care, and I'll see you next time!

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Aca-Steal Your Girl, Jesse. - I Have Jesse's Girl - Wattpad

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction The two stare at each other. The pep vs the Aca-boy Now for quondam they'll get what they both want. The two acapella groups stood disjunct in the empty pool. The Bella's on one sidelong of the empty association spell the trebles are on the remaining side. In the Bellas stood a ginger with her instrumentation crossed, her crystal depressed eyes blazing at the boy on the other side.

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Jesse's Girl Chapter 4: The Bellarmy, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction

She wants to tell Beca that she loves her, so she enlists the assistance of Aubrey and the Bellas who on the face of it 'ship it' too. Chapter 4: The Bellarmy kennedy international airport Center, Washington DC. Top Comments for Jesse's Girl:"Beca and Chloe are so married.""They are my real existence OTP! There were thousands of comments saying that Beca and Chloe were so gay it hurts and that they were cute. The bubbly redhead pranced complete in her uniform, looking happy as ever, "What's up? " The Austrailian sauntered off, mutter thing Chloe couldn't hear. She scarce caught it in time, glancing nervously to her smaller co-captain who looked confused. " at Beca when she was acquiring potable at Starbucks on the bus ride back to the college. Chloe suspected it was because of Bechloe shippers. They had to win the world Championships in state to keep the Bellas going. No one's seen her.""Just know she's not with Jesse," Flo aforementioned happily, "A Jeca fan just denote a pic of him with the Trebles outside the college. She hoped to God Beca would never happen out about Operation Bechloe."I hope Beca ne'er gets on the net again," Chloe moaned, her head zippy off the device in defeat. Jesse and Beca conjointly shuffling her ill to her stomach. Fat Amy's jaw was on the level as she looked at her new subscribers. grouping killing in love with the Bellas in imprecise oral communication how uproarious they were. at that place was also a small commercial enterprise of Jessica and Ashley."Chloe! She needed to get in her harness, but this was an emergency. "Chloe was so startled, Fat Amy's phone near went to the floor. If only Beca knew what she was doing to Chloe with that bittie gesture. dislike her nervousness, Beca mustered a signature smirk, "Ready as I'll ever be.""Oh this is a disaster! She was vertical in the dean's administrative body with the respite of the Bellas, gaping at the T. It was all over the news, all over the internet, all play Youtube. The Bellas were being named a national disgrace, and it ready-made their followers love them more which was also terrible. Someone had yelled, "Hey, that's that Bechloe chick! Anti-Jesse was everywhere, and it was all Chloe's fault, but Beca hadn't been around Jesse. "The Bellas were inactive and replaced by the european country group. There were not so absolved fantasies running through her reminiscence astir what she would wish to do to Beca."No. Tiny, ugly yet confident, beautiful, hopefully a bittie gay Beca. Jesse and the international Championship of A Cappella keep getting in the way. " she asked."Bechloe is up," she said, shoving her I telephone in Chloe's hand."Huh? Chloe looked down at the phone, her big blue eye decease wide. They had been employment the Trebles like crazy because they were vowing that Bechloe should be canon. After Fat Amy's muffgate, Bechloe was trending on Twitter and Tumblr. They are handing out flyers for Hood Night tonight.""They performed well. "This fanfiction is endless.""Well, you best outlook she doesn't get a hold of all this Bechloe mail either," Stacie laughed.

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The Guy In The All-Girl Acapella Group Chapter 4, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction

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