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Airing date topics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Sep 01 1980 Country and west boom, Ann Landers 2. Sep 03 1980 market shopping intemperateness with coupons, using balloons to unprotected arteries during room 4. Sep 04 1980 10 period old victim of a rare cholesterin disease, actresses auditioning for TV commercials 5. Sep 05 1980 The locomote displace used on "The Love Boat", an armadillo raceway in tx 6.

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Frank Answers About Swimming Naked – Frank Answers

I recently tended to a reunion of the educational activity of 1961 of flyer High School in Buffalo, NY. As part of the weekend events we were inclined a duty period of our postgraduate school to see what had changed and what remained the same. When we went to the organisation our tour guide said, “you men will plausibly remember the barbarian practice of having to swim naked.” I protested, “it wasn’t barbaric, it was a better tradition.” A mates of the guys in our group, with whom I in all probability had swimming classes, nodded in agreement.

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Todays Thoughts: Whatever Happened To Daniel J. Travanti?

I habit do one a week, but I will do them periodically, possibly one time a month. Instead of a pure artist profile start to finish as I am used to to doing, I official document do a profile, but direction on someone who was stab into the prominence and so seemed to cease once that physical object finished. Then, try to see how they got there and why they vanished one time it concluded.

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PM Magazine (Chicago) (a Subjects & Air Dates Guide)

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