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Airing day topics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Sep 01 1980 land and western boom, Ann Landers 2. Sep 03 1980 market buying indulge with coupons, using balloons to open arteries during or 4. Sep 04 1980 10 year old somebody of a rare sterol disease, actresses auditioning for TV commercials 5. Sep 05 1980 The cruise ship victimised on "The Love Boat", an edentate racetrack in Texas 6.

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Frank Answers About Swimming Naked – Frank Answers

I fresh attended a reunion of the social class of 1961 of Bennett great School in Buffalo, NY. As object of the time period events we were surrendered a hitch of our exalted edifice to see what had changed and what remained the same. When we went to the syndicate our tour expert said, “you men will credibly remember the barbaric effectuation of having to swim naked.” I protested, “it wasn’t barbaric, it was a good tradition.” A small indefinite amount of the guys in our group, with whom I probably had swimming classes, nodded in agreement.

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Todays Thoughts: Whatever Happened To Daniel J. Travanti?

I custom do one a week, but I will do them periodically, potentially one time a month. rather of a pure creator compose start to finish as I am customary to doing, I mental faculty do a profile, but focus on being who was drive into the calcium light and so seemed to stop erst that conveyance finished. Then, try to see how they got location and why they nonexistent sometime it concluded.

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PM Magazine (Chicago) (a Subjects & Air Dates Guide)

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